"Campus card" project is launched in the Lomonosov MSU.

"Campus card" project is launched in the Lomonosov MSU.

On August 30, 2016, the Sberbank, the Lomonosov MSU, the Government and MasterCard have presented the first multipurpose campus card in Russia. The implementation partner was the Infomatika Company.

As part of the campus project "Infomatika" equipped Law and Economics Faculties of Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov with hardware and software access control complex TSACS LENTA. In September, the card will be provided to students and employees of pilot faculties of the MSU: economics, law faculties and the School of State Audit. 

The campus card of the MSU is a personalized multipurpose chip card Mastercard® of Sberbank developed on the basis of a social card. This is the international new-generation card, therefore, it is easy, convenient and safe to pay for purchases in Russia and abroad, including using the contactless payment technology of Mastercard. The multipurpose card combines banking and non-financial applications. For example, the MSU students can use it as a building pass. For this purpose, the turnstiles are installed at entries with contactless readers for cards. Due to social applications, the card can be used as a concessionary ticket in the public transport of Moscow, the policy of obligatory medical insurance, as well as for receipt of discounts in retail and service outlets as part of the partner program of the social card. The implementation partner in automation was the Infomatika Company having significant experience in delivery of campus projects and implementation of access control systems at the facilities of different levels and significance.

During the project, company's experts have performed the following:

  • Development and implementation of the complex multilevel integration solution AIS "Campus card", allowing for information exchange between the participants of the campus card issuance: Lomonosov MSU, Sberbank, and SUE "Moscow Social Register." The system provides generation and maintenance of the campus card register (from the issuance application to locking), transfer of card identifier data and their statuses in the ACS, provision of non-financial services in the MSU through special infomats.

  • Equipment of the entrance units of faculty buildings with the state-of-the-art access control system on the basis of the TSACS LENTA allowing preventing unauthorized access to the university, controlling the visitors of the educational institution in view of different categories, maintaining true recording of passages, including with single-use and temporary passes.

  • Development and installation of special infomats V.19 in faculty areas to provide non-financial services to the campus card holders. A unique software solution of infomats allows users to learn the class schedule, to view the campus map and to plan an itinerary to required room, to order books in the library (if necessary, it is possible to print out the library pass number), to enquire statements from the deanery (for students) and accountants office (for employees).

"The campus project of the MSU will be the largest project in Russia, and our experience may be efficiently used in Russian universities" said the President of the Russian Rectors' Union, the MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichiy.  

More information at: http://www.infomatika.ru/projects/campus-projects/campus-project-of-msu


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