LENTA TSACS was launched in Megasport and Krylatskoe

LENTA TSACS was launched in Megasport and Krylatskoe

As part of the comprehensive Megasport facilities automation project, Megasport Sports Palace and Krylatskoe Sports Complex were equipped with the software and hardware complex of Lenta ticket sales and access control system. 

In less than three weeks, the company's specialists deployed the ticketing system of LENTA TSACS, modernized the access control equipment in Megasport sports palace, installed full-height turnstiles with anti-vandal panels and specialized readers in Krylatskoye. 

IMG_20180417_180653-N-1080.jpg  IMG_20180417_190922-N-1080.jpg  

LENTA ticketing system installed at the facility allows:
  • Selling tickets through cash desks of the facilities, ticket terminals, via the Internet on the facility web site, automatic self-service terminals, and mobile applications;
  • Access control and passages registration;
  • Informing about the reasons for passage denial, unauthorized access attempts;
  • Identification of the system users assigning different function access rights;
  • Generation of financial reports at various analytical levels;
  • Solving marketing problems (discount systems, loyalty programs).

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