Confederation Cup 2017

Confederation Cup 2017

The Confederations Cup of 2017 is the eighth football tournament among national teams, held under the aegis of FIFA, taking place from June 17 to July 2, 2017 in Russia. The tournament is "rehearsal" and is held in the stadiums, which will host the World Football Cup matches in 2018.

Kazan is one of Russian host cities, holding four championship matches in the main football arena of the city - Kazan Arena Stadium. Infomatika provides full technical support of the stadium access control system.

It bears reminding that the Kazan Arena stadium was equipped with the ticket sales and access control system by Infomatika when preparing for the Universiade of 2013. In the space of four years of active operation, the system has repeatedly confirmed the high level of reliability during large-scale sports events: Opening and closing ceremonies of the XXVII World Summer Universiade, XVI FINA World Aquatics Championship, matches of the Europa League and the Russian Football Championship.

When preparing for the Confederations Cup, the company's experts have carried out a set of work to develop the system in accordance with the regulations of the FIFA.

The match "Portugal - Mexico" that took place in Kazan Arena on June 18 and gathered more than 34,000 fans, confirmed the high level of preparation of the facility and the event in whole.  All the systems worked properly, which allows saying that the ticket sales and access control system of the Kazan Arena stadium fully complies with FIFA requirements for World Cup level events.

During all matches, the company's experts, according to the regulations, will be on duty on site, providing technical support for the system operability.

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