Locomotive HC uses a ticket sales and access control system LENTA.

Locomotive HC uses a ticket sales and access control system LENTA.

Infomatika Company has successfully completed a project of complex equipment of the Locomotive HC and its home arena "Arena 2000" in Yaroslavl with a ticket sales and access control system. 

The "Locomotive" hockey club is the professional hockey club from Yaroslavl, the member of the Continental Hockey League since 2008.The repeated champion of Russia and the prize winner of Championships of Russia and CHL. The club's home arena is the up-to-date multipurpose cultural and sports complex "Arena 2000" hosting about 9,000 spectators. The implementation partner was Infomatika Company, which is a developer of the professional ticket sales and access control system LENTA having long successful experience in automation of professional sports clubs and facilities of various levels.

During implementation of the TSACS LENTA-Sportclub, the full range of works on automation of sales of tickets, subscriptions and club cards was carried out, as well as production and installation of access control equipment in the "Arena 2000". On the website of Locomotive HC, the company's experts developed and launched an e-shop that allows viewers to purchase tickets and subscriptions for the games of the hockey team without additional fees and commissions. The system is successfully put into operation on August 04, 2017.

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The implemented ticket sales and access control system LENTA allows:

  • selling tickets and subscriptions through the stadium cash desks, city cash desks, ticket online sales website, automatic self-service terminals, and mobile applications; 
  • performing access control and passage registration;
  • informing about the reasons of rejection of passage, and attempts of unauthorized access;
  • performing compartmentalized identification of the system users;
  • using proximity cards as IDs to pass through the access control system;
  • receiving financial statements in view of different levels of analytics;
  • addressing the marketing challenged (discount systems, loyalty programs).
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