Full-height turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles

Ecco Arena/Olympia series SMART Power turnstiles with interactive stand-alone full-features control module.

Produced in cooperation with Gotschlich, Austria

The turnstiles are designed to provide entrance to stadiums or production facilities - to ensure access control with critical requirements for security, capacity, and mechanical load.

In combination with the control module, it is an autonomous, full-featured access system.

Motorized full-height one- or two-way turnstile, 4-blade (90°). Vandal-proof rotor and the inner guide panels made of CrNi V2A brushed stainless steel with additional oxide protection. Load-bearing, side fence, upper portal are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Includes LOGITURN® control unit.

Specially designed for high-traffic areas, such as stadiums, industrial plants, and entrances to areas adjacent to administrative buildings.

The front panel of the turnstile is an interactive full-featured interactive control module:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel case;
  • Decorative plastic inserts (color according to the catalogue);
  • Multipurpose readpoint controller;
  • Interactive marketing display;
  • Staging module for embedded IP camera;
  • Active contre-jour suppression system;
  • Digital super bright 7" display;
  • Reader for entrance:       
  •       1D and 2D bar codes;        
  •       ISO 14443A/B contactless cards (including contactless bank cards);
  • Alarm display unit;
  • Built-in uninterruptible power supply for up to 1 hour of continuous operation (LiFePO4 120Wh);

Weatherproofing design.

Key parameters     
DC power supply voltage      230V
Maximum current consumption
Power consumption
Capacity, passes/ hour:
     In single pass mode      500
     In contactless card pass mode      1200
Passage area width
Number of built-in readers
Number of built-in displays
Average time to failure
     at least 20 mln passes
Average service life
     8 years
Overall dimensions, L/W/H: