Vokrug Sveta ferris wheel, Kazan

Equipment of the entrance space of the attraction with LENTA ACS-based ticketing system.

The work scope included:

  • Installation of cashiers’ and managers’ automated workstations;

  • Equipment of the entrance area of the attraction with a fixed access control system (installation of a weatherproof half-height turnstile);

  • Introduction of LENTA ACS;

  • Development and launch of an online ticket store.

    The 65m Vokrug Sveta ("Round the World") Ferris Wheel is a tourist attraction, a part of the Kazan Riviera, a unique rest facility for Kazan citizens and guests of the Tatarstan capital, where you can enjoy the magnificent bird's-eye views of the city. The attraction is open year-round, since all the 36 passenger cabins are glazed and equipped with an air conditioning and heating system that works reliably both in cold weather and in rainy and hot weather.

    Automation of ticket sales to visit the attractions and ticket access control. Reliable financial and statistical reporting.