Central Stadium, Kazan

Comprehensive equipment of the football stadium with LENTA TSACS.

doubled full-height turnstiles

escape gates

Cashier AWSs
  • Arrangement of the base and installation of 32 full-height turnstiles;
  • Manufacture and installation of 64 escape gates;
  • Development and manufacture of turnstile and gate controllers;
  • Development, manufacture and installation of ticket readers;
  • Introduction of Lenta TSACS;
  • Equipment of the server node and personnel workstations: 12 cashier workstations, 3 manager workstations, and 1 guard workstation;
  • Personnel training of and system maintenance.

The Central Stadium of Kazan is a UEFA category 4 stadium and the home arena of Rubin FC. The stadium hosts football matches of the championships of Russia among the teams of Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, as well as for athletics competitions of different scale. Its capacity is 25,000 spectators.

Equipping the stadium with a modern ticketing system in preparation for UEFA Champions League.