Information touch kiosk SERIES ITT-15

Information touch kiosk SERIES ITT-15

Information touch kiosk
For information service.
Vertically set touch panel
Touch panel 42".

Information touch kiosk

Information touch terminals are used where customers need to receive information. As a rule, there are standard questions that customers and visitors ask, or standard information that all visitors to a particular site should know. In this case, the information touch kiosk is an indispensable option, since it eliminates the need for additional consultants. This helps optimize financial, time and human resources and improve customer experience.

The information touch kiosk is used in various types of business, regardless of whether you work in the market of services or goods. The kiosk can replace man in different state institutions. The customer will only need human help if he still have questions after studying the standard information, or if the customer has a personal matter that requires an individual approach.

An example of using a kiosk is an infomat with navigation in a shopping center or metro station. In it, you can get information about where the customer currently is, which site he needs to get to, information about the site (the history of the city in the metro or information about shopping center stores, etc.). In schools, information touch kiosks will tell children about the schedule, at universities - about the rules of admission and training, in museums - about the history of exhibits.

Dimensions W*D*H 662*101*1,950mm
42" LC
Touch panel