Automated fare payment control system (AFPCS) designed to automate transport services


For large transport companies

A modern product designed to modernize the underground fare control system


APCS is developed within a single architectural solution that uses modern System components interaction interfaces and protocols

  • Cashier AWS — travel document sale.
  • Engineer AWS – system setup (tariffs, lobbies, turnstiles, reference guides, work stations, roles, rights, etc.), the entire metro reporting.
  • Senior Cashier AWS – control of inventory movement, station level reporting.
  • Monitoring AWS — display of equipment status (turnstiles, TTs, AWS's) and history of changes of this status for each device, as well as turnstiles management within the accessible lobby.


Fare payment by bank card at the turnstile

  • Contactless bank cards such as Visa, Mastercard, MIR, China UnionPay;
  • Electronic contactless payment means based on Apple Pay, SamsungPay, Android / Google Pay;
  • NFC supported smart watches, smartphones, tablets.


The APCS system collects data and generates reports on sales, number of passes and bank transactions in real time

The Monitoring module allows monitoring the equipment status (turnstile, terminal, AWS) and controlling turnstiles within the accessible lobby.


  • Token (mechanical token)

    A specifically shaped metal or plastic billet "swallowed" on the turnstile when passing.The use of the token is identified mechanically: weight, sensor overlap, etc.

  • Smart token

    Smart token is most often a plastic billet, also “swallowed” on the turnstile. A smart token has a chip and a memory area for storing data. A smart token has a resource coded on it - normally it is 1 ride which is written off at the time of passage.

  • Barcoded / QR coded ticket

    Most often, a receipt tape made of thermal paper is used for such a carrier.

  • Smart card

    A contactless plastic card or any other ISO / IEC 14443 carrier. A smart card is purchased/replenished by a passenger at cash desks or points of sale of the transport company and can be reused for passage in accordance with the resource and the fare coded on the smart card;

  • Bank cards

    Contactless bank cards such as Mastercard / Maestro PayPass, Visa PayWave, Contactless MIR. A passenger can pay with such bank card directly at the turnstile.

  • NFC devices

    Other carriers (smartphones, smart watches/bracelets, etc.) with contactless bank card payment technology, connected to corresponding payment services: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.

Automated sale and replenishment of the ticket resource are facilitated 

by a specialized ticketing terminal (TT) 


Metro cash and non-cash fare V.20

  • Function of contactless payment;
  • Encoding of smart tokens in the terminal before issuing to the passenger;
  • Payment receipt/change delivery in coins and banknotes of various denomination;
  • Buying tokens and smart cards, replenishment of smart cards;
  • Exclusive design;
  • Keyless access to service areas;
  • Function of contactless payment;

Fare payment is controlled using Argument turnstile, specially developed and certified in accordance 

with the requirements of transportation security.


Innovative turnstile with built-in contactless bank card and token reader

  • fare payment using contactless bank cards, NFC supported smartphones;
  • viewing card balance on the turnstile screen;
  • sound ergonomics and exclusive design;
  • 10” information LCD display;
  • antipanic function;
  • certification in accordance with transport security requirements.



Kazan Metro
  • Replacement of the outdated fare control system in the entire metro system;
  • Supply of new TTs and upgrading old ones. Cancellation of cash service at all stations;
  • Upgrading all metro turnstiles to accept contactless cards such as MasterCard PayPass, Visa PayWave and contactless MIR;
  • Full equipment and commissioning of the Dubravnaya station with a new turnstile type.


  • Centralized management and monitoring of all turnstiles, TTs, and workstations;
  • Compliance with the requirements for inventory management;
  • Accounting of all operations within the system, transparent financial accounting;
  • Full access control, increased security;

Lenta-APCS is a modern fare control system that provides high-quality customer service and a high level of security.