We create unique IT solutions that find application in public and banking services, educational institutions, sports, cultural and entertainment, and transport facilities. Very often, we deliver tailored projects. But everything we do really works.

For public authorities. For business. For people.


Infomatika has been on the IT market since 1996 and is one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of software and hardware packages and interactive systems for various purposes:


  • ticketing systems for sports, cultural and entertainment facilities, professional sports clubs;
  • fare control systems for transport;
  • specialized access control and management systems equipment: turnstiles, gates, automatic controls;
  • information and payment terminals.

We focus on the development and production of hardware and software systems with individual technical and design characteristics. Professional competence and in-house material and technical resources allow us to organize a full cycle of production of our own high-tech products.

Today, Infomatika's ticketing systems are successfully functioning both in Russia and overseas.

Resident of "Technopark in the field of high technologies "IT Park", Kazan

Resident of SEZ Innopolis

We work in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign enterprises in Russia, Austria, China.

Our competencies

R&D and manufacturing

Extensive experience in developing software for TSACS and integration

Technical support service

High-qualified design and installation department

Support of contactless bank technology

R&D and manufacturing

Fully integrated production ensures quick development and perfect quality.
2 months from concept to prototype.

  • Industrial design
  • Engineering
  • R&D of electronic components
  • 100% quality control

More than 10 years of experience

We have been developing and integration software at facilities of federal and regional significance: from a museum up to a stadium or federal tickets provider network for more than 10 years. The company's leadership is confirmed by awards, recommendations and successful experience in providing access control at international sports events: XXVII Summer Universiade in 2013, 16th FINA World Championship in 2015, UEFA Champions League, 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup , 218 FIFA World Cup.

Support means responsibility and technology. It is based on:

We provide non-stop operation of three large-scale projects:

  • qualilied staff;
  • specially developed software and hardware monitoring tools;
  • clear operation rules.

High-qualified design and installation department

It is important that complicated systems must be developed correctly. At the same time it is crucial to install and setup them properly. This is why the following types of work are done in house:

  • Development of  documentation for software and hardware complexes;
  • Execution and supervision over construction and installation.    

This team has built the first stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and has launched the Privratnik simultaneously at 108 schools.

Support of contactless bank technology

Contactless cards are used as universal identifiers: student campus cards, fan season tickets, citizen cards.

We have been been leveraging this technology since 2011, having implemented for the first time in Europe contactless FC Rubin fans’ cards on the basis of Masterсard PayPass of AK BARS Bank.




  • Automation of business processes for ticketing systems, specialized access and transport projects using a wide range of IT solutions:
  • design and development of stand-alone device databases and high-load databases for multi-user access servers;
  • development of integration solutions for third-party systems;
  • software development for self-service machines;
  • mobile app development;
  • equipment monitoring systems development;
  • web application development;
  • equipment control software development.


  • Design from scratch:
  • terms of Reference
  • complete cycle of product development
  • mechanics
  • mechatronics
  • electronic design
  • control software development
  • prototyping
  • piloting
  • process engineering
  • design documentation
  • industrial design
  • certification

    Our developments are patented and meet the necessary safety requirements.


The company has in-house production complex optimized for pilot and commercial production of products of proprietary solutions.



    Production of prototypes or small-batch parts and products using 3D printers and a milling and engraving machine.

    The production is facilitated by five 3D printers with various characteristics, that perform printing for different tasks:

    • large-size printing – up to 305*305*610mm;

    • printing with various types of plastics; 

    In addition to creating prototypes of parts, test models and master models, the printers are also used for production of auxiliary parts for assembling the company's products.

    The precision milling and engraving machine is used for making prototypes of electronic PCBs, as well as for milling plastic parts, engraving, marking and cutting plastic when creating 3D models.


    Our products are based on controllers, interface cards, and other control automation devices developed by our research and development department. 

    We carry out a full cycle of electronic board assembly using a pick-and-place machine and a reflow oven. There are also several manual soldering stations and finishing washing and testing areas.

    This section is also used to produce connecting cables and harnesses. The production capacity of the section is up to 1,000 boards per month.


    The site is equipped with three special-purpose machines:

    • Two CO2 laser machines for cutting plywood, plastics, and other light materials. Working area dimensions: 400x600mm and 900x1300mm.

    • The semiconductor laser marking machine allows plotting of high-quality artwork (texts, pictures, logos) on any metal surface.


    The section is equipped with welding machines for MMA, MIG, and TIG welding, as well as a plasma cutter. Stationary and manual special-purpose equipment is used to clean welds and give the product's surface a good finished look.


    • welding operations

    • cleaning and grinding operations 

    • milling operations

    Drilling and simple milling operations are facilitated by medium-sized drilling and milling machine (drilling up to 45mm). Some processes are provided using a small 20t mechanical press.


    In our products, we widely use parts made of plastic and processed glass. Decorative plastic items are produced by casting using special silicone molds.

    The method is designed for small-scale production and allows producing parts of nearly any size and complexity. 

    Depending on the task, different types of plastics are used.

    These are mainly high-quality polyurethane-based plastics supplied by American company Smooth-On, Inc. 

    The section capacity is up to 50 parts per day.


    Production of parts and assemblies using glass requires an extensive list of competencies and equipment. Glass products are decorative items that require a special approach to processing. Therefore, we receive cut-out and, if necessary, tempered glass semi-finished pieces from the contractor

    Processes run at our facilities:

    • pretreatment

    • painting and drying

    • production of laminated glass (triplex)

    • gluing with touch film

    • gluing with support bracket

    Each process includes a precise sequence of operations, high-quality materials and is performed using special tools and equipment.

    When pretreating for painting, the "tin side " of the glass is first determined, then the mask is applied using stickers of various shapes, and UV printing is performed.The masks are cut using a cutting plotter from a special self-adhesive film, and UV printing is provided by a third party contractor. 

    Painting is carried out in a spraybooth using a compressor air spray pistol specially configured for the desired type of paint. The paint is also thoroughly selected to ensure necessary covering capability, adhesion, and mechanical resistance. Items are dried in a thermostabilized drying chamber.

    A triplex furnace is used both for production of high-strength multilayer glasses and for bonding glass and touch film (production of touch displays).The section is equipped with a triplex oven with a working area of 1500x2500mm.

    At the end of the glass treatment procedures, the glass is glued together with a supporting metal bracket. Industrial glue provides long-term structural strength.


    The total assembly area includes the main assembly area, an open storage zone, and a pre-shipment area. There are also auxiliary assembly areas, a testing and commissioning area, and hardware and tools warehouses.

    Up to 100 units of products of various complexity and dimensions can be produced at a time. A specialized power supply and Ethernet distribution system is in place in the assembly area. The area is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for effective work management.



The in-house design office allows the company to produce high-quality items in a timely manner. We outsource only secondary, highly-specialized, and often resource-intensive processes.

The design department independently carries out engineering processes, develops and prepares documentation for semi-finished products contractors.

Therefore, we are free to choose the contractors and, if necessary, can quickly replace them without compromising the final result, timing, and product quality. 

We outsource the following types of work:

  • Metalworking, sheet metal production
  • Glass treatment
  • UV glass printing
  • PCB production
  • Silicone molds production for injection casting of plastic items
  • Design and production of injection molds for injection molding machines