We create unique IT solutions that find application in public and banking services, educational institutions, sports, cultural and entertainment, and transport facilities. Very often, we deliver tailored projects. But everything we do really works.

For public authorities. For business. For people.


Infomatika has been on the IT market since 1996 and is one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of software and hardware packages and interactive systems for various purposes:


  • ticketing systems for sports, cultural and entertainment facilities, professional sports clubs;
  • fare control systems for transport;
  • specialized access control and management systems equipment: turnstiles, gates, automatic controls;
  • information and payment terminals.

We focus on the development and production of hardware and software systems with individual technical and design characteristics. Professional competence and in-house material and technical resources allow us to organize a full cycle of production of our own high-tech products.

Today, Infomatika's ticketing systems are successfully functioning both in Russia and overseas.

Resident of "Technopark in the field of high technologies "IT Park", Kazan

Resident of SEZ Innopolis

We work in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign enterprises in Russia, Austria, China.




  • We have a holistic approach to software, bringing together databases, workstation applications, WEB portals and mobile applications for clients, information terminals and executive automation of any complexity;
  • We connect various equipment, both in-house and third-party, to our programs and services;


  • Hardware development from scratch: design, functionality, electronic components;
  • Prototyping and honing the models to perfection;
  • Process engineering;
  • Mandatory certification;  

    Our developments are patented and meet the necessary safety requirements.


  • Automated installation of SMD components using modern automated equipment;
  • Manual soldering of small electronic devices;
  • Manual installation and soldering of DIP components;


The company has in-house production complex optimized for pilot and commercial production of products of proprietary solutions.

Production is located at 25 Modelnaya Str., Kazan, and includes the following sections:

  • Prototyping; 
  • Electronic components and control automation production; 
  • Machining; 
  • Glass processing;
  • Coating and drying chambers;
  • Computer components assembly;
  • Main assembly area;
  • Auxiliary assembly areas; 
  • Testing and commissioning.

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