Infomatika has been developing and deploying ticketing systems and specialized access control and management systems for more than 10 years.


  • for professional sports clubs 

    and sports facilities

    We automate ticket / subscription sales, access control and reporting. We provide high-quality customer service.

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  • for organizers of sports events and cultural events

    We organize ticket sales, accreditation and access control at competitions and events of any scale.

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  • for museums

    We organize sales of tickets and services in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation, access control and registration of visitors.

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  • for theaters

    We sell tickets in accordance with the requirements of Russian law.

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  • for amusement parks

    We automate the sale of tickets and services. We organize a multi-level access control system for tickets.

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  • for large transport companies

    We automate the fare control system. "Contactless" transport.

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The experience in the use of LENTA TSACS in the largest Russian and international competitions

  • FIFA World Cup 2022 
  • 45th WorldSkills championship 2019
  • FIFA World Cup 2018
  • Confederations Cup 2017
  • European Judo Championships 2016
  • World Aquatics Championship 2015
  • World Team Championships in Athletics 2015
  • World Junior Weightlifting Championship 2014
  • Russian Synchronized Swimming Championships 2014
  • European Badminton Championships 2014
  • Russian Swimming Championships 2014
  • Russian Junior Springboard Diving Championship 2013
  • Games of the XVII World Summer Universiade 2014
  • Underwater Swimming World Cup 2014
  • International Springboard Diving Competition "Grand Prix" 2013
  • UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches since 2009
  • World Junior Ice Hockey Championship 2008
  • Russian Premier League matches since 2007


The first project in 2006 was a theme park, and since the beginning of 2007, the Bileton project was launched to become the first ticket operator to use Lenta system in its work. 

The landmark for us was the Central Kazan stadium ticketing system project delivered as part of preparation for the 2009 Champions League matches. The incredibly interesting home games of FC Rubin with Barcelona and Inter were held with the stands fully occupied.

We have developed unique card reader models and special structural elements for the stadium entrance. This was a serious trial for our ticketing system, after which Lenta TSACS was highly appraised by UEFA experts. 

Then was the 2013 Summer Universiade where we were responsible for ensuring spectators and accredited persons access control simultaneously at 53 venues, and 16th FINA World Championships where our ticket ing system was providing access to more than 27,000 spectators daily.                                                                                                                                                           

In the run-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, our company equipped 5 of the 12 stadiums that hosted the 2018 World Cup matches with Lenta ticketing system.                                                                                                                                    Our team prepared the TSACS of the Kazan Arena stadium for the World Championship matches, as well as introduced the stationary ticketing system at four new stadiums of the 2018 World Cup: in Kaliningrad, Saransk, Samara and Rostov-on-Don, having completed the entire work scoe from design through to installation and support. 

Lenta TSACS is the leading product in professional sports clubs systems market and is recommended by UEFA and FIFA for installation in football stadiums. 

FIFA WORLD CUP Qatar 2022 

The successful track record of participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup allowed our company to confirm its leadership in the production of specialized equipment and software for ticketing systems and win a contract for supply of spectator access control system to the 2022 AL Rayan World Cup stadium under construction in Qatar.

Developed and first put into operation in 2006.

Successfully operates in 45 Russian cities.

Equipped over 100 facilities


Megasport palace of sports, Moscow
Bolgar state historical and architectural Museum-reserve
CSKA professional hockey club
Krylatskoe sports complex, Moscow
Kazan Arena Stadium
Tatar state philharmonic society named after G. Tukai
ХК Локомотив
Lokomotiv professional hockey club, Arena 2000 Entertainment Complex, Yaroslavl
Galiasgar Kamal tatar state academic theatre, Kazan
Kazan state academic Russian Bolshoi drama theatre named after V. Kachalov
Kazan Expo


LENTA TSACS is used by 26 professional SprotKlubov and more than 100 sports and cultural and entertainment facilities.



Альметьевский татарский государственный драматический театр, г.Альметьевск
Парк «Зарядье»
ФК «Ростов»
Болгарский государственный историко-архитектурный музей-заповедник, г. Болгар
ПБК «Локомотив-Кубань»
ВК «Зенит-Казань»
ХК «Витязь», г.Подольск
МГУ им. Ломоносова
ХК Локомотив», г. Ярославль
Государственный музей изобразительных искусств, г. Казань
Государственный большой концертный зал им.С.Сайдашева, г.Казань
Выставочный музейный комплекс «Городская Панорама», г.Казань
Казанский государственный театр юного зрителя, г.Казань
Бугульминский драматический театр им. А.В.Баталова, г.Бугульма
Елабужский государственный музей заповедник, г. Елабуга
Татарский государственный театр кукол «Экият», г. Казань
ПХК «ЦСКА», г.Москва
Билетный сервис сети ресторанов «Максимилианс»
ПБК «УНИКС», г. Казань
Татарский академический государственный театр оперы и балета им.М.Джалиля, г.Казань
БК «Химки», Московская область
Татарский государственный академический театр им. Галиасгара Камала, г.Казань
ХК «Салават Юлаев»,г.Уфа
ВК «Динамо - Казань»
Государственный историко-архитектурный и художественный музей «Остров-град Свияжск»
ФК «Оренбург»
Исторический парк «Россия – Моя   история»
Казанский академический русский большой драматический театр им. В.И.Качалова, г.Казань
ФК «Рубин», г. Казань
Стадион «Казань-Арена», г. Казань


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