A standalone hardware and software system to be used at facilities that have to control access regardless of the ticketing system used


  • It consists of a specialized space effective server with a built-in Wi-Fi router, an uninterruptible power supply, and pre-installed software;
  • It works online with Lenta TSACS whose software is installed on an external server, for example, in a data center (in the cloud). IDs can be downloaded from other ticket systems in a batch mode;
  • Lenta-TSD access control equipment consists of specialized mobile terminals with pre-installed software;
  • The package comes with the instructions; deployment requires basic system administrator skills;
  • Information about entrance documents sold is automatically sent online from Lenta TSACS to the ACS'Lite server. Similarly, passage information is received from the ACS'Lite server to Lenta TSACS. This allows ticket checking using a manual scanner, even in case of communication downtime. If the connection is lost, entrance document IDs can be batch loaded.
In this configuration, the facility's ticketing system is cloud-based in terms of sales, but it is local and independent of the Internet channel in terms of ACS.


  • Built-in Intel based mini PC;
  • Pre-installed Lenta ACS'LITE software;
  • Built-in UPS provides at least 5 hours of battery life;
  • UPS battery type-LiFePO4 60W
  • The router provides a secure connection to the TSACS
  • Dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5GHz WiFi module.
  • Power supply - AC 220V±5%
  • Power consumption - 2.5W or less


  • Independent of the communication channel

    Ticket validity can be checked even if there is no Internet connection. Automatic data transfer recovery after reconnection
  • Two operation modes

    Using both the control mode and the service mode, which allows collecting all the information by the entrance document
  • Various ticket types

    Reading MIFARE contactless cards, barcodes from paper media and mobile phone screens.
  • Accounting

    Full-featured pass accounting for any time period
  • Ease

    Ease of use and connection. This is an out-of-the-box solution that does not require high skills
  • Mobility

    The space saving size allows you to quickly move the complex
  • Low cost

    The cost is several times lower than that of a stationary ACS


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