• Entered in the register of Russian software. Order ofRussian Federation Ministry of communications of 09.03.2017

  • Recommended by UEFA and FIFA Russia-2018 Organizing Committee ANO

  • Meets the current requirements of Russian legislation.


LENTA TSACS is a specialized full-featured system for ticket and services sale automation and spectators and accredited persons access control at sports, cultural, and entertainment facilities.

It was developed and first put into operation in 2006. Over these years, the system has given a fine account of itself both when operating at the largest sports, cultural and entertainment infrastructure facilities and during large-scale sports competitions: the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the 2013 Summer Universiade, FINA 2015, the UEFA Champions League, etc. 

At the moment, Lenta ticketing system is available in modifications for cultural institutions and amusement parks, theaters and museums, world class universal sports complexes and stadiums.

БС "Лента" размещается на серверах объекта или на внешнем сервере ЦОД, что обеспечивает бесперебойность работы и надежное хранение данных с соблюдением всех требований ФЗ-152.  

Информация о продажах и персональные данные покупателей остаются исключительно в распоряжении Заказчика. Вы сами принимаете решение с какими билетными сервисами /операторами/ партнерами сотрудничать, при этом абсолютно от них не зависите. 

Система позволяет анализировать эффективность всех каналов продаж и своевременно корректировать маркетинговую активность. В БПС "Лента" уже реализованы шлюзы для работы с наиболее известными билетными платформами.  

It was developed and first put into operation in 2006.

Successfully operates in 45 Russian cities.

Equipped more than 100 facilities


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Product family


Work in a single ticket environment, selling tickets through various channels (ticket office, websites, mobile apps, ticket terminals, external agents).
  • ticket sales at ticket offices;
  • working with various types of season tickets;
  • individual online ticket sales store for each project;
  • working with prices, price zones, and graphical floor plans;
  • accountable forms management;
  • flexible work with quotas and bookings;
  • visitor monitor - displaying room plans when selling tickets and advertising information at other times;
  • working with invitation cards;
  • registration of rejects and refunds;
  • the use of ticket layout options;
  • sale of value-added services and entrance S.R.O. tickets;
  • dynamic pricing;
  • direct payment technologies;
  • accounting;
  • compliance with 54-FZ.
Access control means with unique functional and design characteristics.
  • stationary equipment: turnstiles, gates, doors;
  • mobile technical access devices: hand-held scanners (barcodes and contactless payment);
  • standalone mobile systems - SMART Power series smart turnstiles;
  • emergency evacuation subsystem;
  • flexible configuration of access zones without nesting restrictions;
  • Security AWS: sector-by-sector occupancy and an alarm button function;
  • integration with external infrastructure systems;
  • detailed logging and accounting;
  • online and offline operation modes.
A set of universal documented integration gateways allows you to interact effectively with any third-party systems.
  • online interface for connecting online stores and mobile apps;
  • online interface for ticket operators;
  • interface for batch quota exchange;
  • online interface for CRM systems;
  • online interface for interaction with the loyalty system;
  • online interface of the access control system when using an external ticket sales system (ACS mode);
  • interface for batch loading IDs from an external ticketing system (ACS mode);
  • interface for batch uploading IDs to an external access control system;
  • interface with the fan identification system (FIS);
  • interface with the video identification/facial recognition system (VIS/FRS);
  • integration with security and fire alarm systems, auxiliary ACSs, parking automation systems, etc., depending on the manufacturer.
At any time, you can get a detailed online report on sales and passes at various analytical levels.
  • cash accounting;
  • financial statements;
  • accountable forms management;
  • the system offers more than 100 template reports, including sales and passes reports;
  • as part of the update package, the necessary reports are corrected and reviewed for the customer.
The system implements the necessary functionality for marketing management.
  • customer database and all purchase history;
  • sales management tools;
  • flexible accounting by sales canons;
  • integration with CRM and loyalty systems;
  • robust promo code tools.

SYSTEM advantages

  • Wide integration capabilities

    The system has gateways for exchanging information with other systems, including:

    • CRM;
    • loyalty systems;
    • external ticket operators;
    • third-party access control and management system;
    • fan identification system;
    • facial recognition system.
  • Scalability

    Deployment, configuration and commissioning of the system within a short time.

    The system allows for step-by-step automation of facilities of any scale.

    The system architecture facilitates connection of additional workstations and access control points.

  • Working with various types of tickets
    • Paper tickets;

    • Tickets in accountable form;

    • E-tickets;

    • Barcoded tickets;

    • Wallet;

    • Ticket with a mobile link.

  • Easy to handle season tickets

    The system works effectively with a series of similar events.

    There are two scenarios for selling season tickets: classic season tickets and customer-built packages when a customer pays only for the events he selects.

    Series of events can be created in the system with no restrictions.

    Season tickets can be created for an unconfirmed set of matches.

    You can also add events to previously created ticket programs. For example, season tickets created for regular season games can be extended to playoff games, friendlies, and so on.

  • Mechanism for copying events

    If necessary, new events can be created based on previously created ones, copying all parameters: reservations, prices, discounts, price zones, and hall layouts.

  • Setting up price changes

    The system allows automated revaluation of seats based on the price calendar.

    There is also a template-based setting of price zones.

  • Handy booking management mechanism

    Lenta provides a robust booking management functionality. The system allows changing such booking parameters as: type, owner, seat composition, discounts, and price types. 

    You can copy event bookings, create bookings based on previously established seats.

    The seat status change history is further saved in the system.

  • Setting up priority purchase of seats

    Lenta allows setting up priority sales of season tickets for the same seat in the next season.

    There is also a mechanism for priority purchase of previously reserved seats by the client through the personal account.

  • Allocation of seats

    The quota mechanism allows configuring sales based on different sales channels.

    For example, you can sell guest sector tickets at a separate guest ticket office.

  • Unrestricted scheduling

    When creating events, a user can flexibly configure items, halls, price zones, printed forms layouts. There are no restrictions on configuring these parameters within a single event.

  • Mobile access controls

    Manual ticket scanner, Lenta Data Terminal, is a universal mobile access control tool which provides complete information about sales and entrance document passes for analyzing conflict situations during passage.



The experience in the use of LENTA TSACS in the largest Russian and international competitions

  • FIFA World Cup 2022 
  • 45th WorldSkills championship 2019
  • FIFA World Cup 2018
  • Confederations Cup 2017
  • European Judo Championships 2016
  • World Aquatics Championship 2015
  • World Team Championships in Athletics 2015
  • World Junior Weightlifting Championship 2014
  • Russian Synchronized Swimming Championships 2014
  • European Badminton Championships 2014
  • Russian Swimming Championships 2014
  • Russian Junior Springboard Diving Championship 2013
  • Games of the XVII World Summer Universiade 2014
  • Underwater Swimming World Cup 2014
  • International Springboard Diving Competition "Grand Prix" 2013
  • UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches since 2009
  • World Junior Ice Hockey Championship 2008
  • Russian Premier League matches since 2007


  • Professional point system

    Lenta TSACS is a professional point system. This is not only sales, but managing all TSACS equipment – turnstiles, gates, ticket terminals, mobile ticket offices and scanners, etc.

    This is a live and developing system since 2006. The company's policy provides for constant updating of customer versions to the latest one.

  • Turnkey ticket system

    As developers, we provide individual improvements to the system along with deployment, employee training, and technical support.

    Our long-term experience in ticketing systems development and integration, our own R&D division and production allow us to create completely new, unrivaled products and participate in non-standard projects.

  • The company's experience and use of the system at global events

    Since 2007,  Lenta TSACS been used for sports, cultural and entertainment events of various scales: matches of the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League, the XXVII Summer Universiade 2013, Aquatics 2015, the Confederations Cup 2017 and the World Cup 2018, WorldSkills Russia 2019, the World Cup 2022, etc.

    The system was highly appreciated and has the recommendations of experts from UEFA, ANO Organizing Committee of Russia 2018, ANO Directorate for Sports and Social Projects", HC CSKA, HC Lokomotiv, VC Zenit, Lomonosov MSU, etc.

  • World-class ACS

    Lenta TSACS is supplied complete with world-class and the best in Russia access control equipment. Continuous innovation.

    In addition, at the customer's request, ACS structural elements can be manufactured with individual design and functional characteristics.

  • Maximum number of sales channels

    All tickets in the system are sold in a single ticketing space. 

    Wherever the customer buys a ticket, i.e. at a ticket office, online store on the website, at the ticket operator or through a terminal, he will always be able to buy any available seat. No restrictions on sales channels.

  • Online sales organization

    We develop and launch a full-fledged online ticket store on the Customer's website in full accordance with the corporate style.

  • Technical support

    A multi-level technical support system allows you to respond quickly to customer questions and advise the Customer.

    • Call center 08:00 am to 08:00 pm Moscow Time, 7 days a week;

    • Specialized hardware and software monitoring tools;

    • Clear rules of procedure.

        Today we successfully ensure smooth operation of three large-scale projects:

    • IMIAS, Moscow - service support of 1800 infomats in 670 medical institutions;
    • Electronic Tatarstan, RT - service support of infomats and take-a-number-system equipment in 37 localities of the Republic;
    • Support for ticketing systems in 20 Russian cities that sell tickets for more than 1,000 events simultaneously.
  • The system is included in the register of Russian software

    Lenta meets Russian legislation requirements and is approved for use in state structures and companies with state capital participation.

  • Meets the requirements of 54-FZ
    All facilities equipped with Lenta are equipped with updated solutions in a timely manner, taking into account new legal requirements.

Facts and figures

45 городов
12 млн билетов
100 объектов

We are trusted by

Государственный музей изобразительных искусств, г. Казань
Бугульминский драматический театр им. А.В.Баталова, г.Бугульма
БК «Химки», Московская область
Стадион «Казань-Арена», г. Казань
Парк «Зарядье»
ФК «Ростов»
Татарский государственный театр кукол «Экият», г. Казань
МГУ им. Ломоносова
Выставочный музейный комплекс «Городская Панорама», г.Казань
ПБК «Локомотив-Кубань»
Елабужский государственный музей заповедник, г. Елабуга
Альметьевский татарский государственный драматический театр, г.Альметьевск
Билетный сервис сети ресторанов «Максимилианс»
Исторический парк «Россия – Моя   история»
ПБК «УНИКС», г. Казань
Татарский академический государственный театр оперы и балета им.М.Джалиля, г.Казань
Казанский государственный театр юного зрителя, г.Казань
ВК «Зенит-Казань»
Государственный историко-архитектурный и художественный музей «Остров-град Свияжск»


Requirements for ticketing systems (TSACS) regarding the storage of personal data


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