Ticket sales and access control system for automation of services sales and visitor access control for sports and recreation centers


  • sports and recreation centers
  • track-and-field, football arenas
  • multifunctional sports complexes 
  • game sports centers
  • sports schools
  • swimming pools
  • ice rinks
  • tennis courts

  • Maintaining customer base

    Subscription management: the ability to add a photo, full name and validity period of the subscription, medical certificates with an expiration date.

    Registration of visits.Use of plastic cards for season tickets (barcoded, magnetic).

  • Corporate clients management

    Contracts data management, customized tariffs, acceptance of payments and accrual of services, working with contributions in kind.

  • Staff working hours recording

    Employees work scheduling. Actual work hours recording.

  • Using marketing tools

    Promo codes, discounts, ability to connect loyalty systems and CRM systems


  • Ability to book for a specific date and time;
  • Schedule of group and individual events;
  • Quick search for an event by specialist, time, date, client;
  • Setting up tariffs: daytime, evening, one-time, freezing/unfreezing/renewal of membership
  • Automatic registration for classes at entrance turnstile.


  • Booking, schedule and payment of rent of halls, sports grounds;
  • Entrance by a barcoded ticket (single barcode for a set number of people)
  • Regulated entry time ( according to the training schedule/time)
  • Monitoring the duration of the visit (including the time for organizing entry and exit)


  • Collecting data on ticket/service sales, use, as well as information about the facts of visit;
  • Presentation of data in an easy-to-understand form - as summary tables, graphs, charts;
  • Processing, analysis, storage and visualization of large amounts of data;
  • Reporting:

    -report on visits;
    -report on remaining classes;
    -report on trainers' workloads;
    -report on gyms and access zones loading;
    -report on duty pass usage;
    -uploading data to other systems, for example, information about the number of classes conducted by trainers.


The visitor is issued a one-time pass, which he can use immediately after payment.
The payment is made for the actual time of the visitor's stay on the sports ground. The ACS records the time of entry and exit of the user and automatically calculates the visiting time for payment.
Group and individual classes, sections schedule.
Time-based payment for the rental of playgrounds (for mini-football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc.)


Each of the membership types can be apply to a specific area (swimming pool, gym) and to any combination of zones, for example, an all inclusive membership for visiting the pool and the gym.



In-house access control system equipment with unique functional and design characteristics

In addition to turnstiles, we produce all necessary structural elements: enclosures, pavilions, controllers, readers, interactive boxes of video identification systems integrated into the ACS


Football and athletics arena, Kazan


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