Interactive touch kiosk series ITT-8

Interactive touch kiosk series ITT-8

Information touch kiosk
For information service.
The information touch kiosk was developed in 2011 for usage in OGPD «Jamashneft» Progymnasium in Almetyevsk. 

To adjust the touch panel height in the range from 116 to 156cm, we developed a special controller and software.

All inner components including a computer are installed in the kiosk's upper part behind the screen. 

The front panel with a projected capacitive touch panel is totally covered with tempered glass.

The kiosk is equipped with a swipe card reader for identification. 

Apart from educational institutions, the kiosk can be used in organisations delivering services to physically challenged people.

Dimensions W*D*H
Touch panel
Contactless card reader      +