Interactive kiosk Infomat series BPT-10

Interactive kiosk Infomat series BPT-10

Bank payment kiosk
Designated for remote banking services, allows to deposit cash to a plastic card, pay for housing and communal services and loans.
The kiosk body is exclusively designed for AK BARS BANK.

The kiosk's special feature is its touch-panel screen installed shifted and its interactive highlighting. 

The kiosk components are designed in a way to provide maximum compatibility with the bank kiosks' existing software.

 The kiosk is equipped
with a cash acceptor to deposit a bundle of cash up to 50 bills.

Bank payment kiosk

A payment kiosk helps the client to make banking operations independently, without the need to engage a specialist. This technology saves time for employees and customers by eliminating queues, and helps optimize employee costs, increases your status and customer loyalty.

kiosks are required for:

• Payment for utilities;

• Receiving an account statement and checking the balance;

• Making a loan payment;

• Money transfer and transfers from the account;

• Payment for Internet, mobile, and IP telephony;

• Payment study and preschool institutions fees;

• Payment of traffic police fines and tax charges;

• Replenishment of e-wallets from bank accounts.

he main difference between a payment kiosk and an ATM is that the kiosk can not issue cash, but can accept it, and in a much greater amount than an ATM. A payment kiosk can be equipped with a device for bank card reading and entering bank card PIN codes, as well as a barcode reader.

Dimensions W*D*H
Touch panel
Motorized bank card reader
Contactless card reader
Cash acceptor for a bundle of cash up| to 50 bills + (for 2,000 bills)
Barcode scanner
Audio system