Nurse AWS

Special solution allowing automating the medical staff work in the treatment room.

This AWS is characterized by structure mobility and the absence of usual keyboard and mouse.
Operational temperature
+10.. +40 °С
Operational humidity
20 - 80%
Power supply
Single-phase, alternating, 200-240 V, 50±2 Hz
Safety integrity
According to the requirement of GOST R 50444-92 level B
Protection class
Front panel of display module (screen) - IP 65, entire system IP 30
Mean time between failures
Not less than 30,000 hours
Average service life
Not less than 3 years

According to GOST IEC 60950-1-2014

Information Technology Equipment. Safety specifications. Part 1. General Requirements

Screen      9.7 ", resolution - 2,048x1,536 MP, brightness - 400 cd/m2;