Electronic queueing terminal EQT-2

Electronic queueing terminal EQT-2

Electronic queue kiosk
Allows you to make an appointment with specialists of different institutions in customer self-service mode as well as to check one's e-queue status using a bar code.
To ensure the safety of the kiosk, the company has developed a special rear protective panel.

Electronic queue

Electronic queue is a technology that allows automation of data processing, which is now used in many institutions of the Russian Federation.

This is a modern service for companies that are committed to provide the highest quality services to their customers.  The system helps reduce the impact of the "human factor" on customer service, streamlining the use of time resources and increasing work efficiency.

Using an electronic queue system helps:

- reduce the time spent working with clients, because a "first in first out" situation is avoided, which is prone to create a lot of different problems;

- improve service, since working with a queue management system offers comfort, ease of use, and the absence of bureaucracy;

- increase employees performance, since they do not have to solve many minor problems associated with the "first in first out" system;

- allows optimal office management, since all data about the employees' work can be retrieved from the software and the staff will not have to spend time on additional reports.

The electronic queue system and kiosks are actively used by financial structures, divisions of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, telecommunications and media companies, state multifunctional centers, traffic police departments, healthcare institutions, and divisions of the Federal Tax Service.

Dimensions W*D*H 545*450*1,440mm  
Screen 19"
Touch panel SAW
Contact card reader
Barcode scanner       +