Nurse AWS

Special solution allowing automating the medical staff work in the treatment room.

This AWS is characterized by structure mobility and the absence of usual keyboard and mouse.

  • User authentication using the smart card;
  • Patient identification at doctor's office;
  • Registration of the biological material sampling;
  • Printout of label barcode with biomaterial container ID;
  • Registration of biological material using the label barcode scanner.

AWS TN is a single ergonomic structure consisting of a touch screen, minicomputer, and additional equipment according to certain technical customer requirements: wireless barcode scanner, proximity card reader, smart card reader, thermal printer and dedicated software.

  • Barcode reading at a distance from 10 to 20cm from barcode to scanner;
  • Not less than 1,000 reading operations in wireless mode without recharging;
  • 4-core processor, 2 Gb RAM, 32 Gb internal memory;
  • Printing method - direct thermal printing, printing speed - 150mm/sec, resolution - 203dpi;
  • Ability to print on labels up to 50mm in width;
  • Card reading/recording rate – at least 848kbit/s, read range – up to 50mm;
  • Support: MIFARE® 1Kbyte, DESFire EV1, MIFARE® Ultralight C (authentication mode 3DES, SL=3);
  • Screen height and angle adjustment.

Operational temperature
+10.. +40 °С
Operational humidity
20 - 80%
Power supply
Single-phase, alternating, 200-240 V, 50±2 Hz
Safety integrity
According to the requirement of GOST R 50444-92 level B
Protection class
Front panel of display module (screen) - IP 65, entire system IP 30
Mean time between failures
Not less than 30,000 hours
Average service life
Not less than 3 years

According to GOST IEC 60950-1-2014

Information Technology Equipment. Safety specifications. Part 1. General Requirements

Screen      9.7 ", resolution - 2,048x1,536 MP, brightness - 400 cd/m2;