Interface transformation controller

Interface transformation controller

Ensures operation of our Smart-turnstiles with any access control system without software integration

Expands the functionality of the existing ACS facility

Smart turnstiles manufactured by Infomatika, allows quickly and easily deploy an access control system at any facility. However, it is often unpractical to replace an ACS at facilities where an ACS has already been deployed. For such cases, we have developed an interface transformation controller.

It allows installation and usage of Smart turnstiles manufactured by Infomatika without making any changes to neither the turnstiles nor the facility's access control system.

A controller is installed for each readpoint. It has interfaces for connecting to the controllers of most common ACS'. So, the interface transformation controller translates the ACS card data read at the smart turnstile to the facility ACS server, then receives a response from the server about allowing or denying access and transmits it to the turnstile.

At the same time, the smart turnstile allows working with cards or barcodes issued by auxiliary services, such as a one-time pass system.
    • Integration of smart turnstiles into the facility's access control system without installing local access control readers in the turnstiles
    • Quickly replacement of old turnstiles on the site or retrofitting the facility with new smart turnstiles without complex and expensive software integration
    Power supply        9..26 VDC
    5 Wh

            for communication with smart turnstiles Ethernet
            for communication with the facility's ACS RS485 - 1 pc.
    Wiegand 26..46 - 2 pcs.
    Dallas-2 pcs. 
    "dry contacts" in/out - 2 pairs