Privratnik ACS

Privratnik ACS

Innovative access control system using special touch-sensitive barriers. It is designed for places where conventional turnstiles are unreasonable or prohibited.


  • Passage recording using personalized IDs (cards);
  • Photographic evidence of all the people passing through the system, with indication of an "authorized/unauthorized" access;
  • Visual display of passage control;  
  • Determining the direction of passage;
  • Actual attendance accounting by authorized passes;
  • Data exchange with an external system.

The Privratnik ACS is designed to meet all security requirements. The touch-sensitive posts that form the passageway have a modern ergonomic design and are made of impact-resistant non-flammable composite material. Passage through the barrier is recorded using infrared sensors built around the perimeter of the posts, allowing you to keep the escape routes unobstructed.

The posts are installed on a system of mounting pallets with power and data cables inside. Pallets are quickly and easily installed and, if necessary, the posts can be rearranged without damaging the flooring.

To pass through the barrier, the user only needs to tap a personal card to a contactless reader. IP cameras and sensors built into the barrier record every pass through the access control system, storing the passer's photo, time and direction of the pass in the database. All visitor information is available to the management of the facility at any time, online.

Built-in light display modules allow visual access control. When access is allowed, the sensor posts are highlighted in green. If upon tapping the card the database information is not found or the card is not held up to the reader, the display will change to red, a beep will sound, and a message will appear on the security service monitor indicating that the access system has been violated.


  • Does not block the escape route;
  • Gives an accurate account of the number of people in the facility;
  • Helps prevent unauthorized access to the facility (light indication and audible warning);
  • Each pass through Privratnik is recorded by a built-in video recorder and stored in the database;
  • Has no mechanical parts, thereupon does not require frequent maintenance.
ACS "Gatekeeper" is supplied with in-house Lenta ACS software 

Number of posts
Led indication
Optical pass sensors
7 pcs per post
IP camera
2 pcs
Contactless reader
Width between the posts, mm
Overall post dimensions, mm
Overall pallet dimensions, mm
Power consumption of each post