Floor turnstile remote control with card authorization

Floor turnstile remote control with card authorization

Allows you to manually change the operating modes of the turnstile

Smart turnstiles work automatically, but there are situations in which it is necessary to control the operation modes of the turnstile manually. That is why we have developed a floor control panel with authorization by service card.

For example, the Horizon POS smart turnstile allows you to pay for tickets at different rates (adult, children, family, preferential). A special remote control is installed next to the turnstiles, with which the Operator switches modes manually in order to quickly change payment rates. The remote control is activated by the Operator's service card.

The remote control can be installed in the amusement park next to the turnstile in the FastPass zone. The operator of the attraction can control the admission process and change the operating mode of the turnstile using a specialized remote control with authorization by a service card. Without a service card, the turnstile is blocked, which prevents access to the attraction ahead of time.

Device Features:

  • Compact and modern design;
  • The ability to program the function of each key;
  • Combinations of simultaneously pressed keys;
  • The ability to change the function of each key;
  • The ability to change the backlight of each key;
  • Simultaneous pressing of several keys to expand the functionality;
  • Suitable for outdoor use.

One remote control allows you to control one turnstile.

      Parameter name
      DC supply voltage, V
      Power consumption*, W
      Number of control buttons, pcs
      Version    Floor

      Supported card types

      ISO 14443 Part 4 Type A/B, MIFARE Series etc.
      Overall dimensions, l/w/h, mm
      Weight, not less than, kg

      *Parameter may vary depending on modification.

      We, as manufacturers, reserve the right to make changes to the design of the device (including changes in overall dimensions), without being reflected in the technical data sheet, which do not reduce the consumer properties and do not impair the quality of the device.