International School of Kazan

International School of Kazan

Equipping the school campuses with an advanced modern access control system based on Contour Bio smart turnstiles with built-in IP facial recognition cameras.

Implemented in 2022

The International School of Kazan was opened in 2014 and is considered to be one of the most prestigious schools in the Republic of Tatarstan.This is the only educational institution in Russia holding accreditations in four areas: three in the International Baccalaureate and the International Schools Commonwealth certification.

Access to the school territory is provided on the basis of the Infomatika solutions. School cards, wristbands, and biometric parameters are used as pass identifiers.The project was implemented jointly with our technology partner VisionLabs - , one of the world leaders in the field of face recognition and analysis.

The project's distinctive feature is its ability to guarantee safe access to the facility's parking lot and grounds various visitor categories: students of all ages from 3 to 17 years, staff, parents, babysitters, drivers accompanying children, and family members of employees living in a dormitory on the school grounds.

As part of the project, Infomatika engineers equipped the two school campuses - at Mavlyutova, 5 and Fedoseyevskaya, 52 - with a modern access control system.

The outer perimeter of the Mavlyutova 5 campus is equipped with VisionLabs access terminals that provide access via contactless cards, bracelets, and biometric data.

At the checkpoint, students and staff pass through the metal detectors, their bags and backpacks are scanned by an X-ray machine to identify restricted items. After that they pass through the Contour Bio swing smart turnstiles with built-in visual recognition cameras. An extra-width (90 cm) passage is provided for handicaps or limited mobility visitors and large-size item delivery.

The system provides statistics on each employee and child passage time, including access denial cases beyond the time slot (if a student leaves the school grounds during lessons).

The parking area  is equipped with automatic barriers and video cameras. Only registered vehicles are allowed to enter the parking  and the school territory.

The campus at Fedoseyevskaya, 52 is equipped with VisionLabs access control terminals.The staff, students and attendants access the school by biometric parameters (face), contactless cards, and wristbands.

The work scope included:

  • detailed design;

  • supply, installation, commissioning of network devices;

  • supply,installation and commissioning of access control devices.

The hardware includes:

·        Campus at Mavlyutova, 5

(kindergarten for 3+, elementary school, high school, staff dormitory)

  • Contour Bio half-height swing smart turnstiles - 3 passes (4 posts);

  • the turnstile manual control panel – 1 pc;

  • VisionLabs access control terminal – 2 pcs;

  • HIKVISION video cameras – 5 pcs;

  • X-ray machine – 1 pc;

  • metal detectors - 2 pcs.

·     Campus at Fedoseyevskaya, 52

(kindergarten for 5+)

  • VisionLabs access control terminal – 2 pcs.

The International School of Kazan is a worldwide school of international baccalaureate for primary, secondary and diploma programs.With two campuses and talented international teachers, school offers a world-class education that prepares students for a promising future.