Bugulma drama theatre named after A. Batalov

Equipment of the cultural institution with LENTA-Theatre ticketing system.

Implemented in 2014

Installation of LENTA ticketing system allowed marketing the entire ticket mass through all possible online sales channels without using the quota mechanism:

  •  the theatre ticket offices;

  •  RT Public Services portal;

  •  public service infomats located on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan;

  •  RT Public Services portal mobile app.

2 automated cashier workstations with printers and monitors for customers and 1 automated administrator workstation. Access control is facilitated by U2013 mobile access control terminals.

    In 1897, the Bugulma district Committee purchased a land parcel to build a community hall with a 350 seats theater hall.

    In January-March 1899, the Committee applied to the Theater Commission for the arrangement of a municipal theatrical teahouse. In 1904, the Board of Trustees allowed the music and drama amateur circle to stage at least 12 plays during a year.

    The circle was provided free of charge with an orchestra playing during intermissions. In 1908, 21 plays were staged, in addition to musical and literary evenings. In the 1920s, Bugulma had an amateur Blue Blouse team company.In 1936, this evolved to a professional national theatre. During the Great Patriotic War the theatre was headed by N.Olshevskaya, a student of K.S. Stanislavsky. She was evacuated to Bugulma with her son, A.V. Batalov; here he started as an actor, and in 2008 the theater was named after him.

    Recently, the theatre took part in such festivals as “Golden Figs” in Aydin, Turkey (2007), “Merry Goat” in Yoshkar-Ola (2008), toured the Krasnodar Krai (2008).

    Automation of ticket sales and visitor access control. Expanding ticketing channels. Ability to sell tickets online through all sales channels without using the quota mechanism. Removal of human error from selling and checking tickets. Reliable financial and statistical reporting.