Archaeological Wood Museum, Sviyazhsk village, Tatarstan

Archaeological Wood Museum, Sviyazhsk village, Tatarstan

Equipping the multimedia historic park with ticket sales and access control system on the basis of LENTA - Museum ACS ticketing system.

Implemented in 2019

The tree archeology museum is one of only three in the world and it happens to be located on the island-town of Sviyazhsk. Archaeological finds and remains of organic materials from the late 16th - 18th centuries are presented here. The building itself is built into an actual hill, due to which guests find themselves in an underground city, located on an authentic 2010 archaeological site.

The museum exposition has the remains of log houses of medieval inhabitants of Sviyazhsk, as well as logs and wooden items that have been preserved almost intact. Among the exhibits visitors will also find children's toys, leather gloves, purses and tree stumps, small scale copies of buildings of past centuries and other unique items directly related to Sviyazhsk’s wooden architecture.

The work scope included:

  • Implementation of LENTA-Museum automated control system;
  • Manufacture and installation  of half-height three-arm turnstiles at the main entrance areas – 1 setc
  • Installation of half-height gates for people with limited mobility – 2 sets;