State Museum of fine arts, Kazan

Implementation of the ticketing and access control system based  ACS  LENTA-Museum.

Implemented in 2020

  • Implementation of LENTA - Museum ACS ticketing system;
  • Equipping the entrance units with half-height Horizon turnstiles - 2 pcs;
  • WKS of cashiers – 1 pcs.;WKS of manager - 1 pcs;

The LENTA-Museum  ticket and access control system allows implementation of the following functions at the complex:

1.       selling the tickets and additional services of the complex (including visitor groups) through both a ticket office and online resources (own internet shop, web-sites if external ticket operators);

2.       visitor access control;

3.       registering complex attendance in various categories;

4.       registering work time of museum interpreters;

5.       reporting of various analysis levels.

    The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan is one of the biggest art treasures in Russia. The Museum was established by the order of Russian Ministry of culture in 1958 on the basis of picture gallery of the State Museum of Tatarstan.

    Since 1967, the Museum is housed in the mansion of the early XX century — the former residence of the commander of the Kazan military district General A. G.Sandetsky. The Museum includes the mansion, which houses the main exhibition, a small Park, the building of the repository and the children's activity centre, scientific archives and library, a meeting room.

    Automation of selling museum, guided tours tickets and additional services. Providing user-friendly group tickets sale tools. Automated visitor access control. Expanding ticketing channels. Removal of human error from selling and checking tickets. Accurate financial and statistical accountability. Keeping records of the guides' activities.