Galiasgar Kamal tatar state academic theatre, Kazan

Equipment of the cultural institution with LENTA-Theatre ticketing system.

Implemented in 2012

Installation of LENTA ticketing system allowed marketing the entire ticket mass through all possible online sales channels without using the quota mechanism:

  • the theatre ticket office;

  • network of city ticket offices;

  • in-house online ticket stores; 

  • Bileton online ticket operator;

  • RT Public Services portal;

  • public service infomats located on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan;

  • RT Public Services portal mobile app.

2 automated cashier workstations with printers and monitors for customers and 1 automated administrator workstation. Development of an online ticket store. Access control is facilitated by U2013 mobile access control terminals.

The Kamal Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in Russia, founded in 1906 in Kazan. Its repertoire consists mainly of plays stagedto works by Tatar playwrights. They are to some extent combined with the pieces of the world drama classics. The performances here are in the Tatar language, but everyone is provided with simultaneous translation. The theatre’s capacity is 840 spectators.

Automation of ticket sales and visitor access control. Expanding ticketing channels.Ability to sell tickets online through all sales channels without using the quota mechanism.