"Burevestnik" swimming pool, Kazan

Comprehensive equipment of the sports facility with LENTA ticketing system.

  • Half-height rotor 2 arm turnstiles – 2 sets;
  • Half-height double-leaved gates – 2 sets;                 

  • Introduction of Lenta TSACS;

  • Automated cashier workstation – 1 set;

  • Automated manager workstation – 1 set.

Burevestnik swimming pool is located on the territory of the Universiade Village.

It includes a 50-meter swimming pool, a multi-purpose sports hall (for volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer with parquet flooring), a dry swimming hall (with a Regupol type multi-purpose flooring), and a gym.

In 2011, Burevestnik hosted the Kazan Cup international water polo tournament. During the days of the 16th World Aquatics Championships, the swimming pool was used as a training facility. The capacity of the swimming pool is 1,000 seats.

 Automation of access control and season and single session tickets sale.