Palace of water sports, Kazan

Comprehensive equipment of the sports complex with LENTA ticketing system.

  • Manufacture and installation of half-height rotor 2 arm turnstiles – 10 sets;

  • Manufacture and installation of half-height double-leaved gates – 10 sets;

  • Automated cashier workstation – 2 sets;

  • Automated manager workstation – 1 set.;

  • Introduction of Lenta TSACS;

  • Information Board 47” – 1 pc.

The Palace of Water Sports (the Aquatics Palace) located on the right bank of the Kazanka river is one of Russia’s largest indoor sports facilities. Its capacity is 3,600 people. The Aquatics Palace offers 3 swimming pools: a 33х25m diving pool (with a maximum depth of 5.5m); a 52х25м main pool (with a maximum depth of 3.0m), and a 50х25m training pool ((with a depth of 2.2m).

All pools are equipped with observation windows for the coaches supervision, photos and videos.

In addition, there is a dry swimming hall, massage rooms, gyms, press centre, and other facilities to support competitions.

Since its commissioning, the Aquatics Palace has hosted a series of major international competitions, including competitions in swimming, synchronized swimming, springboard diving as part of the XXVII Summer Universiade 2013, Grand Prix FINA Diving competitions, the Four Nations Diving Meet, the 16th FINA World Championships in 2015.

Equipping the sports facility with a modern ticketing system.