"Saint Petersburg" volleyball centre, Kazan

Comprehensive equipment of the sports complex with LENTA ticketing system.

  • Retrofitting the 9 existing KABA turnstiles with readers of our own design;
  • 2 automated cashier workstations;

  • Online ticket store for selling tickets to Zenit-Kazan and Dinamo-Kazan matches;

  • Scoreboard of AWS protection.

For the fitness club:

  • 2 automated cashier workstations equipped with contactless card readers that allow checking (season) tickets directly from the station;                                                          

  • 1 manager workstation.

The ticket type is RFID.

    The volleyball center is an indoor multi-sports arena in Kazan, the home arena of Zenit and Dynamo Kazan volleyball clubs. In 2011 and 2012, the Volleyball Center hosted the Champions League volleyball matches. During the 2013 Universiade, Saint Petersburg center was the venue for volleyball competitions. 
    The total area of the complex is over 13,000 square meters with the capacity of the main arena of 5,000 spectators, the small arena 700 spectators. 
    Since 2014, Sunny Fit fitness club has been operating on the basis of the complex, which includes a gym and two rooms for group activities. The fitness club has 2,000 registered clients with the average attendance of 100-150 people per day.
    Equipping the sports facility with a modern ticketing system as part of preparation for the 2013 Universiade. Using the capabilities of Lenta ticketing system to automate Sunny Fit activities.