Asian Cup - 2023,Qatar

Asian Cup - 2023,Qatar

January 12, 2023 Asian Football Cup kicked off in Qatar at the National Stadium in Lusail. This is the main football competition for teams on the continent, which has been held since 1956. Asian football teams identify the strongest one every four years. The record holder for the number of victories is the Japanese team - four. The current champion is the Qatar national team. It is also the hostess of the next drawing, which will take place from January 12 to February 10, 2024.

Initially, the tournament was supposed to take place in the summer,2022 and China was supposed to host it, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition had to be moved to Qatar, because since just over a year ago the country hosted the FIFA World Cup and retained all infrastructure. The matches will be held in four cities of Qatar - Doha, Ar Rayyan, Al Waqra, Al Khawra at nine stadiums, including the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, equipped with access control system (SEACS LENTA) produced by Infomatika. Totally, the stadium will host 7 matches, including the semi-final.

Specialists of our company are located in Qatar and directly involved in preparing the access control system at the Ahmad bin Ali stadium for the Asian Cup matches. On match days they are present at the stadium helping to provide technical support for the access system.

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