SDB Infomatika acquired residency status of SEZ "Innopolis"

SDB Infomatika acquired residency status of SEZ "Innopolis"

Today, this year's first meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Special Economic Zone "Innopolis" chaired by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov took place in the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan. In the course of the work, 5 new projects of IT companies with a total volume of investments of 267.47 million rubles were considered and approved.

Among approved projects is a project of SDB Infomatika aimed at development of software and hardware complexes and interactive systems of various purpose for cultural and sports facilities, educational, medical and transport organizations (metro, bus parks), post offices.

Basic products are:

  • design of turnstiles, information and payment terminals and development of application software;

  • modernization and redesign of the automated control and payment system for transportation (by ground and underground urban public transport, as well as intercity buses);
  • development of special automated work stations for employees of medical and transport industries.

SDB Infomatika is the specialized unit of the Infomatika group of companies and is responsible for R&D.

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