Flagship gateway turnstile

Flagship gateway turnstile

At the Securika Moscow exhibition held from April 11-14, 2023, Infomatika presented its Flagship gateway turnstile, a unique solution for security-critical facilities.

The novelty piqued the interest of visitors and exhibitors alike, as gateway systems can address issues that other turnstiles cannot.

Tripod, swing-type, and even full-height turnstiles cannot ensure prevention of one person from using the pass of another person and, in some cases, do not prevent two people from passing through the turnstile at a time. All this leads to the need for constant monitoring of the entrance area by security personnel, i.e. people remain the most important security factor. Gateway turnstiles are designed to address these issues.

Flagship gateway smart turnstile made of stainless steel and tempered impact-resistant glass ensures automated access control and is a device consisting of two pairs of blocking elements - gates (extra-height swing doors), which open sequentially in automatic mode.

Two-factor access is used to pass through the gateway smart turnstile:

  • At the first gate, either of the traditional identification methods can be used: contactless cards, all types of bar/QR codes, BLE and NFC tags.

  • The second gate is to verify that the pass belongs to the person who is actually passing through the turnstile, so here it is best to use biometric parameters (for example, the face or fingerprints).

An electronic pass must be tapped at the entrance. If the identification is successful, the entrance doors open, the user can enter the biometric identification zone. The system's goal at this stage is to verify the compliance of the accessing person with passage rules. The entrance doors close automatically. 

The person is then subjected to biometric identification inside the gateway in the inter-door space. The access control system transmits the pass data to the recognition system. The recognition system determines whether the accessing person's face matches this data. Sensors built inside the gateway monitor that only one person is passing.

If all the requirements are met, i.e. the pass data matches the biometrics data and the system has determined that only one person is passing through the gateway, access is allowed. The exit gate opens and the visitor can enter the facility. After the visitor passes through the gateway, the gateway closes automatically. 

In case of non-compliance with the requirements, the system signals correspondingly. Access is denied. The exit gate does not open. Violators do not pass. 

Thus, two key rules are executed automatically:

1. The admission card belongs to the person who is actually passing.

2. Only one person passes through the gateway.

Simultaneous opening of two gates is possible only in emergency evacuation mode.

Therefore, the gateway turnstile provides the highest degree of security when admitting to the facility.

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