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The company Infomatika has equipped the new building of the Federal migration service of the Republic of Tatarstan system of electronic queue

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Specialists of the company Infomatika introduced a system of electronic queue in the new building of the Federal Migration Service of the Republic of Tatarstan, in Kazan.The system will make the process of service of citizens more orderly, fast and comfortable.

In the framework of the implementation project was manufactured and installed specialised equipment and software, electronic queue management, designed for simultaneous operation of 28 operators:

·         information Board 47” -6 PCs.

·         information Board a 21.5 – 28 PCs.,

·         terminals of electronic queue V6.6 – 4 PCs.,

·         system audio software.

To use the system very convenient: customer approaching the machine selects on the touch screen, the desired service, then the coupon print with the number of turns.He then calmly waiting for the moment when the display will show the queue number and the window in which you want to apply.

Electronic queue system will allow management to optimize the flow of visitors, to make the operators work more efficient and convenient, and the process of waiting for the citizens more comfortable.Additional feature of the system is fully monitoring the activities of the operators of the workplace administrator, reporting, analysis and data processing.

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