Turnstiles for the lyceum, Mendeleyevsk

Turnstiles for the lyceum, Mendeleyevsk

The new Chemistry and Technology Lyceum No. 3 Descendants of Mendeleyev for 800 students was built in Mendeleyevsk and opened with the support of the Rais of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov in 2023.

The project differs from the usual ones – it is based on modern design, quality, and sustainability of materials, high-tech equipment, and a high level of safety. "It will be a competitive educational institution with a strong base and modern approaches to teaching. We are installing a security system with a Face-ID. It will be a serious lyceum," said Radmir Belyayev, head of the Mendeleyevsk district of the Republic of Tatarstan, at the launch of the project of the new Chemistry and Technology Lyceum.

Infomatika was contracted to equip the educational institution with a complex of automated security devices. Modern access control and video surveillance systems protect the lyceum from external and internal threats to life, health, property of students, staff, and faculty, provide controlled access to the territory, real-time monitoring, and the ability to take prompt measures in emergency situations.

The project was carried out in collaboration with our technological partners - VisionLabs, ITV, and RUBEZH - who are leaders in analytical video surveillance, face recognition and analysis, and access control systems.

As part of the project, Infomatika specialists equipped the entrance space of the academic building with a high-tech access control system based on in-house Contour Bio half-height swing smart turnstiles with built-in IP cameras of the facial recognition system. Access to the lyceum will be based on biometric data (video identification by face) and contactless access cards. 

The internal and external perimeter of the building are equipped with CCTV cameras with neural network video analytics of behavior, smart search in the video archive, face recognition, smoke detection. The systems monitor the situation at the facility and adjacent territories, help prevent accidents, and not investigate their consequences.

Process automation eliminates the human factor, so this approach is fail-safe.

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