Interactive kiosk Infomat series SSST-12

Interactive kiosk Infomat series SSST-12

Specialized self-service kiosk
Designed for usage as a bank payments, automatic gas stations, tickets sale terminal.
Designed to accept cash and
bank card payments. A special climate system
ensures the kiosk operation at -40°C to +40°С.

Parking meters

Installation of parking kiosks allows saving time, resources, and money in business. Parking meters are designed to help your customers and visitors quickly pay for parking. Such terminals are widely used in business and government agencies.

Parking payment kiosks are easy to use: both one-time visitors and regular customer can pay for parking. These two types of customers will have different rates and different options. Based on the customer's requests, the manufacturer calculates the functionality of the kiosk.

The kiosk can provide the following options:

• Receiving a parking card and processing information about the car's stay in the parking lot.

• Accepting payment via a bank card with a magnetic stripe or chip.

• Accepting payment via PayPass or PayWave card.

The kiosk guarantees accurate accounting of deposited moneys. The use of this equipment reduces the risk of parking personnel negligence.

Dimensions W*D*H
Screen 19" LC
Touch panel 
Projected capacitive
Motorized bank cards reader     +
Revenue recorder
Video monitoring
Cash acceptor (for 2,000 bills)
Heat-set web
Barcode scanner