Specialized Self-Service Cabin (SSSC)

Specialized Self-Service Cabin (SSSC)

Hardware and software system implementing the business processes of the Bank aimed at attracting customers. The complex was designed to provide information services and preliminary acceptance of credit applications

Opening a full-fledged bank branch requires significant expenses: rent/purchase of premises, equipment and, of course, payroll costs.

However, most banking services are informational and do not require a bank employee to be face-to-face with the client. To solve these problems, an interactive banking office (IBO) was developed.

Interactive Banking Office is a space effective booth with enough room for two people.


  • On-line consultation with specialists of the Bank;

  • Prompt processing of loan applications;

  • Providing information on banking products and services;

  • Acceptance of documents in electronic form.     

To create conditions for confidential communication, Infomatika has developed a complex engineering solution that allows achieving the effect of eye-to-eye video communication.

The combination of high-resolution video communication, high-quality sound, and a comfortable, isolated stay in the booth facilitates confidential dialogue.

The ability to manage the dialog, switch to media content that allows the client to get additional information, the ability to allow the client to enter data independently, and document scanning allow the operator to simultaneously serve two or more clients.

Installing such a booth, for example, in the sales office of a major developer, delivers from the need in a bank employee, but at the same time allows providing full-fledged advice.

The interactive banking office provides an opportunity to engage highly qualified bank employees who are at their workplace in the main office to work with people in different cities, at individual enterprises and in areas where it is impractical and expensive to ensure the presence of a bank employee.

The cabin consists of two modules, easily disassembled, transported and assembled in two hours.

Innovative features of IBO are speed of deployment and trusting dialogue of the operator with the client when using the effect video “eye to eye”.

  • Reducing the cost of rent/payment of staff;
  • Confidentiality of communication;

  • The effect of the video “eye to eye”;

  • Improving service quality by attracting highly qualified professionals;

  • Mobility and efficiency of the installation of the cabin;

  • Compact size (1.4 m*1.4 m).

dimensions 1410*1410*2050 мм 
screen 22"
keybord +
touch screen 19"
document scanner +