Smart turnstile "Horizon POS"

Smart turnstile "Horizon POS"

This is the only payment turnstile where payment and fiscal receipt issuance functions are implemented in accordance with Russian legislation.

It is equipped an ultra-bright 5.7 '' color display, barcode scanner and contactless card reader, payment and cash registers.


Smart turnstile Horizon POS is a fully self-contained device that allows you to provide access using both classic contactless cards and a barcode/QR code, as well as to pay for entry with a contactless bank card  directly at the turnstile, issuing a fical receipt, in accordance with Russian legislation.


Direct payment at the turnstile with issuance of a fiscal receipt

  • In similar solutions, payment at the turnstile is used in transport and in the post-payment mode only. I.e., the pass is allowed first, and then the bank charges the payment. In our case, the money is debited first, but if the visitor does not turn the turnstile, the transaction is automatically canceled. The allowed transaction amount is up to 1,000 rubles.

  • The operation in accordance with the law is supported by sending fiscal data to the FDO and issuing a receipt.The presence of a retractor allows you to maintain cleanliness on the territory of the mobile point, taking back the check unnecessary for the payer.


  • Work in 2 modes: online and offline, with no need to lay a communication cable to work in the network, because the system uses Wi-Fi wireless technology.

  • The identifiers can be downloaded both in batch mode and online, which enables connecting an unlimited number of turnstiles to the system in real time with the control of the identifier uniqueness.

  • Offline mode is possible for using access cards and bar/QR codes. 

  • Paid access using bank cards  is only possible if there is Internet connection.

Full functionality

  • The system supports the full ACS functionality including logging events, mode control, double entry prohibition, evacuation, reporting, etc.

  • It supports all types of barcodes, contactless cards ISO 14443 A/B, including contactless card UID.

  • The system has convenient integration interfaces for connecting to any external information or ticketing systems, but if necessary, it can be easily controlled and configured via a smartphone.


  • The system is easy to reconfigure allowing you to move, change, and add turnstiles while the system is running.

Increased security

  • The device is vandal-proof and made of stainless steel. The IP54 enclosure rating ensures protection from moisture and dust and safe outdoor operation.


1. Paid, controlled access of visitors, accredited persons, and staff to the venue where it is impossible or impractical to install a stationary ACS.

2. Paid access at a specified rate (with the ability to quickly switch between rates) without first buying a ticket: festivals and concerts, amusement parks, museums, ice rinks, etc.

  •    festivals and concerts
  •    amusement parks 
  •    freestanding attractions
  •    cable cars
  •    museums
  •    ice rinks
  •    business lounges
  •    other pay zones


  • All components (controller, reader, software) are pre-integrated into the turnstile.Intuitive control via the web interface, from a laptop, smartphone - from any device or from an external system;
  • The payment module is built into the turnstile body and does not interfere with the ergonomics of the finished device;
  • Flexibility - can work with both payment and classic identifiers-barcodes/QR codes;
  • Unlimited functionality in terms of connectivity to external systems and controllability;
  • Outdoor design, IP54 / IP65 enclosure rating against moisture and dust$
  • Smart turnstile has a mobile version - "Horizont M. POS"

Key parameters
Capacity, passes/ hour:

           In single pass mode      600   
           In contactless card pass mode      900
           In free pass mode
     the passageway is completely open
Passage area width
     550 mm
Number of built-in readers
Number of built-in displays
Average time to failure
     at least 20 mln passes
Connection interfaces:
         Web-based administrator interface, administration and configuration of the turnstile  
        Web-based management and control interface, access control and turnstile control   
        NATS MQ message queue, integration with external access control systems
 Supported barcode types:
     linear barcodes  EAN-8/13, Code128, «Interleaved 2 of 5» and etc
     2D  QR Code, Aztec and etc
Contactless interface:  
     Working frequency  13,56 MHz
     Supported card types  
ISO 14443 Part 4 Type A and B MIFARE Series (Mifare Classic 1K/4K, Mifare Ultralight/Ultralight EV1)
TFT color screen:
     screen resolution  640х480 pixel
     screen diagonal  5,7”
     screen brightness  700 cd / m²
 Marketing indication  Double-sided, animated 256 colors
 Network interface  Ethernet 10/100Base-TX
 Fiscal module Pay Online  
 Printer VKP-80:
       Resolution  203 dpi
       Print speed  150 mm/c
 Controller LS-UCM-OFC:
       Operating mode  online / offline
       Number of stored identifiers   
 more than 10 million
       SAM module  1 piece      
Weight  maximum 70kg
Overall dimensions, L/W/H:
        With a barring arm in working condition 1204 / 771 / 1050 mm
        In free pass mode    1204 / 260 / 1050 mm
 Working temperature  -30°С + 60°С
 Влажность  up to 90%
 Power consumption  60 W
 Stainless steel  AISI 304
 Average service life  8 years
 Protection class   IP54 / IP65