KSUAE сampus project

KSUAE сampus project

Equipment hardware-software complex access control system of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering.

In the course of the project,Company "Infomatika" equipped with the input of the group of educational buildings and buildings of student hostels with modern control system and access control on the basis of ACS "Lenta", to eliminate unauthorized penetration of foreign persons on the territory of the University, to monitor visitors in the context of different categories, to keep it accurate registration passes, including a one-off and temporary passes.

  • Implementation of access control system  Perco;

  • Installation of fencing and escape gates;

  • Manufacture and installation of turnstiles and card readers of contactless cards and Mifare MasterCard PayPass;

  • The equipment server node and workplaces;

  • Staff training and maintenance of automation systems;

Control of access by permit only. Prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the territory of the University and the student dormitories.Obtaining reliable information about the passages.