School Card

Development and implementation of a unique innovative access control system in educational institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Implemented  in 2014

80 000
educational institutions
cities in the Republic of Tatarstan

Electronic Education in the Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most large-scaled and socially important projects that unites over 460,000 schools and further education institutions pupils, 350,000 parents and 90,000 employees of educational organizations. The School Card project is a part of this complex project and is aimed at safety assurance, keeping attendance records, and school meals automation. Today, the project has been successfully implemented in 108 educational institutions in three cities in Tatarstan, with a total number of over 80,000 students.

The School Card project was implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Informatization and Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan, with the support of Ak Bars Bank.

Key project goals:

  • Improve safety and attendance control in educational institutions,
  • Optimize the process of providing school meals (no cash payments at school),
  • Increase the financial literacy of the Republic schoolchildren.

As part of the project, Infomatika developed and implemented an innovative access control system named Privratnik ("Gatekeeper" in Russian). This system allows for full control of access to an educational institution while providing data for associated information systems.

A School Card allows not only control of supplementary education classes attendance and paying transport fares, it also enables you to control a pupil's access to school, monitor school meals, it serves as an electronic library pass to the school library, and also includes a banking application.

The School Card package includes two prepaid bank cards with one common account.

  • For elementary schoolchildren (1-4 grades), the card is issued in the form of a bright bracelet with a PayPass microchip.
  • For secondary pupils (5-11 grades) it is a contactless MasterCard.

At school entrance students are met by the electronic Privratnic , i.e. the access control system developed by Infomatika.A pupil touches the reader at the entrance with his individual card or bracelet.The entrance space, with its built-in mnemonic indication, is highlighted in green and the student can go through without restriction. At this time, the parent receives an automatic notification that his child is at school.

In case of an authorized passage, a picture of the schoolchild passing through the Privratnic is displayed on the screen of the guard's monitor. If the photo associated with this card is not found in the database or the card has not been brought to the reader, a corresponding message is displayed on the security monitor and a beep is sounded, indicating a violation.

The system captures each pass through the turnstile, storing both authorized and all unauthorized passages in the database. The universal school card enables parents to check school attendance by their children through personal accounts on the Public services portal: time of arriving at and leaving school, check the school menu and monitor their children’s cash expenses. Electronic Government interactive terminals are installed in each school so that parents have no problems with replenishing the school card accounts. As this is a bank card, it can also be replenished at any ATM of the Bank.

The Privratnik complex is part of a comprehensive project and is interlinked with the vital electronic education systems.

This ensures clear, coordinated work of the entire system.