Bolgar state historical and architectural Museum-reserve

Bolgar state historical and architectural Museum-reserve

Deployment of an automated visitor counting system.

Implemented in 2016

The work scope included the following:

  • installation of cashier workstations and manager workstations;
  • equipping the main entrance groups with a stationary access control system;
  • equipping all the complex facilities with ticket check terminals;
  • installation of Lenta-Museum ACS; installation of a CRM system and integrating it with Lenta ACS; 
  • installation of automated visitor counting system in each facility;
  • deployment of radio networks for all the facilities in the complex;
  • development of an online ticket store.

Bolgar State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve was established in 1969 and is the oldest in the Republic of Tatarstan. Is the northmost monument of medieval Muslim architecture worldwide, a unique and single example of the Bulgaro-Tatar architecture of the middle XIII-XIV centuries.

It is unrivaled throughout the world as a valuable historical monument testifying to the disappeared states (Volga Bulgaria, the Golden Horde), the vanished culture, the lifestyle and as having had a significant impact during the X-XV centuries on the development of culture and architecture.

Obtaining real information about the attendance of the complex and its facilities (both entrance charged and free-of-charge). Analyzing the sales and attendance data across different categories of visitors (gender, age, their geography, ticket purchase sources). Providing a free access for social categories of citizens. Ticketing and access control for visitors. Increase of the sales channels and obtaining real financial and statistical reports. Keeping records of the guides' activities