Phygital Center, Kemerovo

Phygital Center, Kemerovo

Equipping the phygital center of the Kuzbass Arena multipurpose sports complex with a high-tech access control system.

The project was based on a unique concept of allowing a large flow of people in a small space with high functionality of the pass system.

Implemented in 2022 

The next-gen physical and digital space which combines an e-sports club, including augmented and virtual reality, and sports grounds, is the embodiment of the in-house unique high-tech, full-fledged concept of allowing a large flow of people in the entrance zone's small space.

The facility was equipped with an advanced functionality innovative automated access control system (ACS) on the basis of software integration with other systems based on Infomatika's Concept smart turnstiles.

The Phygital Center has its own mobile application with a personal account for each athlete visitor, where his individual rating is formed based on the digital and physical activity indicators.

The athlete's personal data (full name, photo) is used by the access control system for multi-factor identification when passing without a physical card by a smartphone or by face.

The equipment project involved:

  • Manufacture and supply of automatic half-height smart Concept Gates with a servo-driven mechanism - 2 pcs.
  • Manufacture and supply of fencing systems - mechanical gates for escape and handicapped people;
  • Introduction of the Visitor Management System to account for visitors beyond the permanent database.It allows for quick and easy issuance and approval of applications for a pass sent to a visitor's smartphone as a QR code. It is important that the one-time pass system works in parallel with the venue's primary ACS.The system does not replace the ACS, but complements and enhances its capabilities.

    The joint use of a smart turnstile and the one-time pass system allows full automation of visitors' access, preventing human error and increasing the facility's security.

The world's first phygital center with a total area of 1,260 square meters on the site of the Kuzbass Arena multipurpose sports complex.A unique sports infrastructure facility. It combines the computer part where one can compete in various e-sports and the street part with a variety of sports grounds.

Implementation of a unique concept of allowing a large flow of people in a small space with high functionality of the pass system.

Enabling businesses to use the access control system not only to ensure security, but also as an important part of the company's infrastructure and image.