Multifunctional Centers of the Repablic of Tatarstan

Multifunctional Centers of the Repablic of Tatarstan

Equipment hardware-software system of electronic queue offices state budgetary institution “Multifunctional center providing state and municipal services in the Republic of Tatarstan”.

Terminal of electronic queue
Scoreboard electronic queue
large electronic scoreboard queue
server of electronic queue

Company "Infomatika" was manufactured and installed equipment electronic queue for 19 departments and IFC on RT 3 in the city of Kazan.

  • Terminal of electronic queue of 30 pieces

  • Information terminals - 3 pieces,

  • Scoreboard electronic queue is 18.5” - 23 PCs,

  • A large electronic scoreboard queue 42” - 52 PCs.,

  •  server of electronic queue - in 22 PCs.

Improve the quality of public services.Process control and optimization queue.Increasing the loyalty of visitors.Possibility of obtaining statistical data on the work of the staff.