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TSACS LENTA-Museum assists in control of visitors of the "City Panorama" exhibition complex.

A modern exhibition and entertainment complex "City Panorama" was opened in Kazan shortly before 2017 in the city center at 7, Dzerzhinskiy Str. New tourist attraction actively hosts city guests and citizens from the first days of January, telling about main historical milestones of Kazan.

The exhibition complex meets all safety requirements and is equipped with up-to-date ticket sales and access control system on the basis of the TSACS LENTA-Museum by Infomatika.The implemented ticketing and access control system allowed automating the visitor access control and ticket sales (including for groups of visitors) to the complex. In addition, the experts of Infomatika developed an online ticket shop with further output of the ticket mass to the state service portal of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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