Infomatika at Intersec KSA - 2023

Infomatika at Intersec KSA - 2023

On October 3, 2023, The Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center hosted the 5th edition of Intersec Saudi Arabia for security and fire specialists. The event was inaugurated by the Director General of Civil Defense, Major General Dr. Hammoud bin Suleiman Al-Faraj.

The Infomatika team will display smart access control turnstiles, including the Horizon IP65 turnstile designed to operate at high temperature, humidity, and sand dust. The smart turnstile is installed in a rain chamber to show its water resistance, and it operates well even when continuously exposed to water.The smart turnstile has shown its effectiveness at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium during the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.This is the only Russian turnstile with a certified IP65 rating.
    Other exhibits included:

  • Contour Bio  a swing smart turnstile with two-factor identification (ID+biometrics)
  • Horizon M.POS  a fully self-contained mobile payment turnstile that provides access both via common contactless cards and bar/QR codes and by paying with a contactless bank card directly at the turnstile.It does not require stationary installation and wired connections.The mobile platform allows moving the smart turnstile around the facility and easily change the location of the entrance.

  • Concept Gate  an automatic smart gate with changeable pass direction.The rotary upper module with a screen, camera, and readers allows for a quick switch between the gate's operation modes, i.e. for entrance or exit.

  • Concept Plus is an automatic arm-type half-height tripod turnstile. The small size allows placing the smart turnstile in limited areas.Concept Plus can be arranged in a row, including together with the Concept Gates, and provide temporary access facilities.


All Infomatika smart turnstiles are multifunctional and compatible with a variety of third party software. These are full-featured IP devices with all components (controller, reader, software, biometric cameras) pre-installed in the turnstile.This approach guarantees full intercompatibility of the solution's elements.Thanks to this, the turnstile installation is very quick and simple.


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