Safety of sports facilities 2023

Safety of sports facilities 2023

The Safety of Sports Facilities 2023 conference was held in the Smart City pavilion at VDNH on September 14, 2023.The event was hosted by SBC.Sports Business Consulting Holding.

Industry professionals gathered to share experience and best cases for trimming the costs of equipping sports facilities with security systems for events of various scales, successful introduction of integrated security based on modern equipment, as well as making managerial decisions that not only ensure spectators' safety, but also provide comfort of staying at the facility.The conference was attended by owners, managers, and representatives of sports venues.During the panel discussion, Infomatika CEO David Tartakovsky spoke about the company's sports-related products and solutions.

Those included sports venues access control and ticketing and accreditation systems solutions.Infomatika has been operating in top-class sports since 2007. Using the examples of the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar at the 2022 FIFA World Cup and Russian Premier League football stadiums renovated in accordance with the requirements of the fan identification system and regulatory documents, David Tartakovsky shared the company's experience on:

  • How to outfit a sports facility without paying too much;

  • How to buy something that won't have to be redone over time;

  • How to ensure multipurpose application from RPL matches to concerts;

  • How to operate efficiently. Infomatika has in-house cutting-edge high-tech solutions to all these issues.


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