Strategic partnership

Strategic partnership

MTS AI (OOO MTS Artificial Intelligence Center), an MTS subsidiary and an Artificial intelligence Competence Center creating solutions at the intersection of speech technology, computer vision, and edge computing, has become an Infomatika's partner, acquiring a 49% share.

Integration of Infomatika's solutions in access control, including among others its own line of turnstiles and payment terminals, with face recognition technology and face payment systems VisionLabs (a subsidiary of MTS AI) will allow implementing complex projects for the transport industry, sports and cultural facilities, educational institutions. Both companies have proven track record in the foreign markets of the Middle East and Latin America, where they are planning to continue working together.

Infomatika has been operating in the IT market since 1996 and is one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of ticketing systems for sports facilities and professional sports clubs, museums, theaters, theme parks, and expocentres; public transport fare control systems; special purpose access control equipment: turnstiles, gates, control automation; information and payment terminals, and interactive equipment. The company has its own design office and production complex in Kazan for the design and serial production of in-house products.

"The logic of the company's development required engaging a strategic partner to take our activities to a new level, including international business development. The decision to cooperate with the MTS AI team and, in particular, VisionLabs, as a long-standing technology partner, turned out to be self-consistent and the most promising for us," commented David Tartakovsky, Infomatika CEO. 

"As part of the MTS AI investment strategy, we carefully study assets complementary to the existing portfolio and focus on buying market leaders in their segments both in Russia and other countries. This is how VisionLabs was acquired, which in turn has delivered a number of successful projects together with Infomatika over the past few years. For us, in addition to the company's good financial performance, this has become a key factor in making a purchase decision," said Dmitry Markov, MTS AI Executive Director.

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