Turnstiles for Samara metro

Turnstiles for Samara metro

On June 1, 2023, entrance hall No. 2 of the Alabinskaya metro station opened in Samara. The entrance hall and the two exits to it had been fully renovated and retrofitted, including technical re-equipment.

Infomatika turnstiles will be used for fare payment control and accessing the passenger platform. They have a modern design and functionality that allows paying with metro tokens and all types of payment used on urban passenger transport in Samara.

"These turnstiles offer modern design, an updated information panel. Besides, the reliability of the system is higher due to the software. A huge advantage of this complex is that the maintenance staff can remotely monitor the operation of the turnstiles, receive timely signals about the equipment state and the need for maintenance. Other stations require human presence for diagnostics, inspecting the equipment, opening them to determine the cause of a particular situation," commented Alexei Guryanov, Acting Director of Samara Metro.

Infomatika project included turnkey equipment of the second entrance hall of the Alabinskaya station with a specialized fare control system.  Specially for the Samara metro, a new model of the Contour-MS turnstile was developed and manufactured, with extra height of the leaves 140 cm. The company's specialists integrated Microelectronica CVB24 into the new turnstile. This validator is used by Samara Metro for transport and bank cards.

The scope of Alabinskaya equipment includes:

  • Contour-MS smart turnstiles – 15 posts, 7 passageways for entrance, 5 passageways for exit;

  • token sale and APPB V.20 transport cards replenishment terminals – 2 pcs.;

  • turnkey equipment of cash registers (cashier automated workstations; transport cards replenishment terminals at the cash desk; cash equipment: counters and detectors of banknotes, counters of coins and tokens, switches, furniture);

  • laying communications, installation and commissioning of equipment.



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