Zarudye park, Moscow

Comprehensive equipment of the recreational park with a ticketing and access control system.

  • Deployment of LENTA-Park ACS;
  • Manufacture and installation  of half-height three-arm turnstiles in the main entrance spaces - 4 sets;
  • Installation of half-height gates for people with limited mobility - 5 sets;
  • Cashier AWS – 12 sets;
  • Manager AWS – 1 set.

Project characteristics:
Integration of LENTA TSACS with the park's information systems: CRM, visitor information system, navigation system, websites and mobile applications, loyalty programs and other city services (for example, the "Troika" card is accepted and a special discount or subsidy is offered to the Muscovite Social Card holders).

Zaryadye is the largest recreational area located near the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. It is characterized by an unusual landscape and offers a unique viewing platform over the Moscow River and modern multimedia attractions.

As part of this project, Infomatika equipped the park with a ticket sales and access control system.This included automation of ticket sales and access control.

Automation of ticket sales to visit the attractions and ticket access control. Reliable financial and statistical reporting.