City Panorama museum complex, Kazan

Equipment of the museum complex with LENTA ACS-based ticketing system.

Implemented in 2017

The work scope included:

  • Installation of cashiers’ and managers’ automated workstations;

  • Equipment of the entrance area of the complex with a fixed access control system;

  • Introduction of LENTA-Museum ACS;

  • Development of an online ticket store and bringing the ticket mass to RT Public Service portal.

    The modern City Panorama museum exhibition complex located in the center of Kazan was opened in December, 2016. Its four floors with a total area of 3,631sq.m house exhibits dedicated, as the name implies, to Kazan, its architecture, history, stages of development. The exhibition presents the city’s expositions in three time periods: “Ancient Kazan”, “Kazan at the turn of the 19–20 centuries” and “Modern Kazan”.

    Automation of selling museum, guided tours tickets and additional services. Providing user-friendly group tickets sale tools. Automated visitor access control. Expanding ticketing channels. Removal of human error from selling and checking tickets. Accurate financial and statistical accountability. Keeping records of the guides' activities.